The Minister of Agriculture Jahad emphasized: the need of integrated value chain management in the agriculture sector

Dr. Khavazi, minister of the Agriculture Jahad in a TV programme stated that the important point is the sensitivity of policy in the agricultural sector. He mentioned: “In agriculture sector, any related policy if not properly expertized will lead to dissatisfaction of producers or consumers and affect the production chain.”

Referring to the integrated management of the value chain of agricultural products and food, the Minister of Agriculture Jahad said: “Any country that can have a more integrated management in this field, can meet the goals of producers, consumers and related industries.”

He added: “In addition to integrated management, the degree of dependence of the whole chain on abroad is very important. The more we depend on the food production chain abroad, the more it will affect the way of production.”

Regarding the incoherence in the value chain of agricultural products and its integrated management, he said: “One of the examples in the field of livestock is that the Livestock Affairs Support Company, which is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad, has not been able to buy meat from domestic producers to keep as strategic reserves, because every time it was raised in the market regulation headquarters, they opposed it and considered this action to increase the price of meat, while this is not the case. So, greater responsiveness and properly meet the needs of producers and consumers will occur if the decision maker is one organization and integrated value chain management used.


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