Hossein Mahdi Doost was appointed as the new chairman of the board and CEO of SFIDA on 10/15/2022 by Minister of Agriculture-Jahad Ministry.
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A webinar entitled "Grameen Bank Service Model" was held by the SFIDA on Monday, October 10, 2022.
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The educational webinar "Top Ways of Financing Youth in Indian Agriculture Sector" was conducted by Vasanthi Rajendran ,PhD, member of the scientific council of "Rajivgandi National Institute of Youth Development" and V. Deshpande ,PhD, former director of the Institute of Rural Development Bankers and hosein shahbaz ,PhD, head of internastional affairs of SFIDA.
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CEO of SFIDA announced the support of SFIDA for Knowledge-Based Agriculture.
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Call for new Ideas on Agriculture Development by Ministry of Agriculture Jahad, I.R. of Iran
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