Remarks by Dr. J.A. Behzadnasan on the occasion of the anniversary of Jahad Keshavarzi Establishment.

This great decree, with the presence of faithful, young and religious human resources and with sincerity, became the source of great blessings in the development of villages, agriculture and the presence and powerful role in the eight years of holy defense against Iraq imposed War. This caused these days to be celebrated every year as “Agricultural Jahad Week”.

 Based on the menus of the Honorable Supreme Leader, the Agriculture Development Supportive Funds are determined to support production to achieve a leap in production, as non-governmental platforms and drivers in the field of organizing the financing, credit and investment system of the agricultural sector. They Play their role in achieving and stabilizing food security and sustainable production support. I congratulate the memory of the martyrs and all trenchless builders in the field of efforts, this week to the managers and community of shareholders of funds to support the development of the agricultural sector, as well as dear colleagues of the SFIDA and Funds in the country. “I would like to thank and appreciate the efforts made by the Funds to Support the Development of the Agricultural Sector to promote the agricultural sector and the quantitative and qualitative development.”

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