Improving the performance of the Dairy Products Development Support Fund

On Monday, August 2, 2021, a meeting was held for the Dairy Products Development Support Fund attended by Dr. Esfandiari, Director General, Majid Asadollahi, Deputy Director General, Agro Based and Food Industries office, Ministry of Agriculture Jahad, Alireza Ashrafi, Advisor to the CEO, Dariush Arabi, Director of Assemblies and Representatives , Houshang Mohammadi, Director of Operations Development and Productivity Improvement, Shahriar Rostami, Director of Investment Development and Facilities of the SFIDA.

The importance of the Dairy Products Fund to ensure partially the food security of the country, provide strategies to be benefited from legal capacities to improve productivity, improving the performance of Dairy Products Fund and possible synergy with SFIDA were discussed.


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