Providing basic inputs of agriculture sector and goods needed by the people is a priority of the Ministry

Presently, our first priority which will be discussed at the first meeting of the Council of Deputies, is to examine the main issue in the field of agriculture, namely the provision of basic inputs and goods needed by the people.

The Minister of Agriculture-Jahad stated: “Protecting the people’s food dish and peace in supplying basic goods is our first priority.”

Providing the required foreign currency is very important for us, he added. “This year, when we were suffering from drought, we had shortages to supply fodder and other basic goods, so we are emphasizing providing foreign currency to import them” he mentioned.” We had discussion about it in the morning session and these talks will continue until next week, and we hope to be able to manage the supply, considering the foreign currency availability.

While referring to the farmers who are either preparing for the autumn cultivation or preparing for the next cultivation season, Dr. Sadati Nejad emphasized: “In this regard, two main issues are the ministry’s priority before starting cultivation including determining the guaranteed price, which we will try to address in the Pricing Council to be formed on upcoming Monday, and the second issue is the supply of agricultural inputs such as pesticides, fertilizer and seeds. We do our best so that farmers do not have problems in their autumn cultivation”.

He continued: “One of the other important issues is providing insurance compensation, which has not been paid to farmers for some time, and also the delay in repaying farmers’ instalments, which has been approved due to drought, but has not been implemented and would be addressed in two weeks.”

The Minister of Agriculture-Jahad, stating that we will manage food security by setting up a committee and able to use the pioneers capacities in the ministry to strengthen to monitor the food security criteria, monitoring, supply and control chain. And we will set up oversight in the ministry to minimize various fluctuations.

The Minister pointing out that we in the Ministry of Agriculture Jahad deal with 85 million Iranians, said: The agricultural sector is the most private and popular sector in the Iranian economy, so producers, organizations, unions, cooperatives, sector activists And we expect the existing trade unions to participate in policy-making, management, decision-making and decision-making with the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad.

He added: “If we are going to supply the market of basic products and goods of the people, we must do it with the help of this sector actors and use their capacities. I believe that a large community of people and jobs in the country belong to this sector”.

We are dealing with a community of over 21 million people in agriculture sector, and these people are the best option to control market fluctuations and regulate the market and marketing so that they can take advantage of their own resources and eliminate intermediaries.

The Minister stated: “Supplying inputs, monitoring the market and marketing are our short-term goals that we will pay attention as our first priority by applying the actors’ capacities to better oversight”.

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